The Seven Sacraments of the Greek Orthodox Church

by Rev. Philip Gialopsos


Sixth Edition, Paperback (2004)

ISBN: n/a

Price: $10.95 + S&H (USD)


As the spiritual advisor to the students of the Eastern Orthodox Faith at Cornell University and Ithaca College, members of the G.O.Y.A. and Sunday School Teachers, Fr. Philip was asked many times to provide them with a pamphlet containing all Seven Sacraments of our Church in the English Language. The desire of our young adults and youth encouraged him to make an effort, and he wrote a pamphlet in 1962, briefly containing the Seven Sacraments of the Greek Orthdodox Church. In the year 1970, he wrote the second edition in the form of a booklet, the third edition in the form of a book and the fifth edition in an updated and revised form. He attempted to bring out what our Church has taught for centuries about the Sacraments. He has used simple theological terms in order to make this material easily understood by the readers, both youth and adult, who may not have extended theological knowledge. By using the Holy Scriptures together with the contents of this book, he believed that one could obtain a better religious knowledge. Since we live in a time when the spirit of ecumenism and the unity of Christianity is a common desire in the hearts of many Christians, hebelieved that it was necessary for us to know the Sacraments, so that we will be able to make comparisons with the sacramental life as understood in other churches. Those who read this book will benefit by it, by becoming more familiar with the Sacraments of the Greek Orthodox Church, the Mother of Christendom.


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