Christ the Teacher. By Fr. Jonathan Hemmings

Church Membership.

"Coming Home to Jesus in the New Millennium". By Rt. Rev. Archimandrite John Mangels

Criticizing the Clergy.

Diversity in Unity. By Frank Schaeffer

Do You Love More than These? By Metropolitan Nicholas of Amissos

The Icon of Unity. By Nicholas Papas

Intent and Activity: Their Connection within Christian Ministry. By Fr. Joseph Allen

Reconciliation, Education, Evangelization. By Archbishop Dmitri of Dallas and the South

Re-membering the Body. By Fr. Jonathan Hemmings

Secularism in Church, Theology and Pastoral Care. By Metropolitan Hierotheos (Vlachos) of Nafpaktos

Sex, Natural Law and Orthodoxy. By Fr. George Morelli

Unity of the Church: Clergy & Laity. By Fr. Alexander Schmemann

A View from the Nave: On Recruiting Future Priests. By George Benjamin Gapen

What Is a Church Ministry? By Fr. Michael Lewis

What Is Unity? By Fr. Christopher Holwey

Who Cares? The Relationship of Clergy and Laity. By Fr. Joseph Allen



Assessing Parish Needs. By Ron Nicola

Orthodox Spirituality in Parish Administration. By Bishop Demetri (Khoury)

The Parish. By Alexander Tomadakis

The Parish ... What For? By V. Rev. Sergei Glagolev

What It Takes to Make a Parish Council "Work". By Ron Nicola



Stewardship? A Magic Word? By V. Rev. Fr. James Meena

Stewardship in an Orthodox Christian Parish ... It Is Very Logical. By Ron Nicola

Stewardship: Matching Belief with Action. By Ron Nicola

Stewardship on a Personal Level. By Ron Nicola

Stewardship Roles for Clergy and Laity. By Ron Nicola