by Metropolitan Panteleimon of Pelousion


In West Africa the Holy Orthodox Diocese of Ghana began to train young men, in order for them to enter the holy order of Priesthood.

Twelve young native men, who are characterized for their orthodox faith and piety, approached His Grace Panteleimon Bishop of Ghana and expressed their desire to enter Priesthood. They said: that “they wish to serve the Orthodox Church, the Greek Patriarchate of Alexandria and the Orthodox people of their country as priests or as catechists”.

His Grace Panteleimon welcomed them with paternal love and began to teach them about Priesthood, Orthodox Theology and Interpretation of Holy Scripture.

According to the Diocese’s program, the candidates will arrive from their towns and villages in the evening of every Friday of the first week of each month. His Grace will host them at the house of the Holy Transfiguration Church in Accra till Sunday. They will participate in the above lessons and the liturgical life of our Church, Great Vespers (Saturday evening) and the Divine Liturgy (Sunday morning). They will also learn hymns and ecclesiastical music.

All the candidates have to write, for their own use, in notebooks the liturgical books in their mother language, Twi. Unfortunately, the newly established Diocese of Ghana has not the financial capability to publish these books, although they are so important.

The Orthodox Christians of Ghana hope, that God will enlighten the hearts of all those who love and support the Orthodox Missionary work of our Orthodox Church to overcome this problem.