by Bishop John (Kallos) of Amorion


Have you ever stopped to consider who is exerting the greatest influence upon the peoples of the world today? Have you ever stopped to consider what philosophy has swept the peoples of our world today? Have you ever stopped to consider what is wrong with our world today? Nothing?

The fact that we are on the brink of another world war is an indication that something is terribly wrong! The fact that we as a nation are more divided today than we have ever been in the history of these United States is indicative that something is truly wrong! Just think, the Christian Gospel has been preached for some 2,000 years, and yet, as we look about us, we are forced to acknowledge the sad truth, that professed ‘Christians’ exert very little influence and achieve even less in our world today. Something must be lacking. It certainly is not with Christ and His Church. Then, it must be something in us professed ‘Christians’! What then is lacking in us? In a word, it is the mind of Christ.

What is the mind of Christ? It is to think as Christ would have thought — clearly, positively and concretely. The mind of Christ is to forgive as Christ was willing to forgive, when on the Cross, he said “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” The mind of Christ is to love our enemies as Christ loved His enemies! The mind of Christ is to do unto others, as we would want others to do unto us! The mind of Christ is to seek to give of ourselves, rather than seek that we receive! The mind of Christ is to seek to do good for others, than seek to be recipients of goodness! The mind of Christ is willing to serve others, rather than seeking others to serve us! The mind of Christ is will to suffer for others, rather than causing suffering and pain on others!

Indeed, the mind of Christ ought to be rooted in the very nature of every Christian. Evidence of the fact that this is not the case is to be seen that the main problem of today’s world is the inability of its inhabitants to live together as the ‘children of God’. This chaotic condition is to observed on the international, national and local levels. It appears that man has not learned the basic lesson of living together in peace and harmony.

For what do we see on the international level! We have been given the impression that the peoples behind the Iron Curtain and those to the West of it cannot live together. One may say, that the reason for this is because the western philosophy of life is diametrically opposed to that of communism. But I ask you, how about those peoples of the world who live to the West of this Iron Curtain? The tragic picture of Ireland for example, where the Irish of one quarter cannot get with the Irish of another. They are both Irish of the same cultural heritage and religious faith. They are both Christians — one happens to be a Roman Catholic and the other a Protestant. They are at war with one another — all in the name of Jesus Christ.

But why go to Europe? Why not get a bit closer to home? Have we as a nation demonstrated our ability go get along with one another? Are we today truly a United States of America? Is it not true that we as a nation have a long history of prejudice, bigotry and discrimination? Is it not true that the only true Americans — The American Indian, we have restricted to Indian Reservations throughout our country? Is it not true that we have treated the black man, the Chicano and the immigrants of non-Anglo-Saxon stock as second class citizens? Is it not that we as a nation have attempted to project the image of a typical American as that of WASP — white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant? Is it not true that during the second World War, the Japanese of the west coast were ‘transferred’ inland as a security measure, whereas ‘representatives’ of the other axis powers were allowed to reside wherever they pleased in the U.S.A.? O, yes, we have espoused “Brotherhood Week” as token measure, so as to wishfully and wispfully demonstrate to ourselves and to others that we do know how to get along together as a pluralistic society. However, each one of us in his inner most conscience knows that the opposite is true. Need I illustrate further? I think not.

And now on the local level, do we as a Parish Family reveal the ability of getting along with one another? In the eyes of how many of us professed “Christians” do we detect the glow of love for one another? Is it not true, that some of us when we attend Church services tend to avoid some of our Christian brothers and sisters for fear that we will clash verbally? Why so much hate and so little love in the Christian Community which professes faith in Jesus Christ who is the God of love? What ever happened to the concept of Christian love!

We as a ‘Christian’ nation as professed ‘Christians’ must admit the sad truth that the mind of Christ is lacking in us. To our dismay, we must admit that Christ has decreased in us to the point wherein He no longer is the rudder of our life. For all facts and purposes, we have forgotten Christ and laid Him to rest. And yet, if we are to acquire and develop the mind of Christ, we must receive Him as Lord and Master in our hearts and souls, without any conditions. We must allow Jesus Christ to step into our lives, so that we may begin to love, understand and appreciate one another. With Christ in our hearts, we then will come to love one another and acquire the mind of Christ!