by Ezekiel Bozikis


Certain media reports concerning possible evidence of life on Mars were simplistic and inaccurate. They gave the impression that signs of Martian life have been indisputably discovered. Such is not the case.

As reported in The Courier-Mail (9/8/96), a small, fist-sized rock was discovered in Antarctica in 1984. It is believed that this is a meteorite originating from Mars. An examination of the rock under an electron microscope, revealed "what looked like an infestation of germ-shaped structures." While many scientists believe that these structures may be biological in origin, others do not. It is believed that they are "pseudofossils" or "foolers".

Now, I am not trying to rule out the possibility of God creating alien life (He could have if He'd wanted to), my advice is simply not to jump to any conclusions — and not to blindly trust media hype, or even majority opinion. Because most people believe something to be true, it doesn't necessarily mean it is. At the moment there is a lot of speculation concerning this meteorite, and the only definite conclusion we can come to regarding the possibility of alien life is "we don't know".

It is interesting to observe, however, the fascination many people, especially in America, have with UFO's and aliens. President Clinton has called for an international summit to look into this issue of life on Mars. A recent poll showed that 48% of Americans believe in extra-terrestrial life. Movies like Independence Day (portraying an alien invasion of earth), and TV shows such as "The X-Files", are exceedingly popular (not to mention my favourite, Star Trek).

Why such great interest?

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that there is a void in people's hearts that they are trying desperately to fill. Many people believe that a superior alien race will solve our problems and share with us the knowledge of the universe. They see little or no hope for humanity here on earth; and they look towards space as the fulfilment of our destiny.

I pray that they will discover that their destiny (and all of humanity's) can be fulfilled now, here on earth — in Jesus Christ. He is the Logos; the Supreme Intelligence; the Creator of the Universe and everything in it! If you have Jesus in your heart you don't need anything else. If you have a relationship with Christ then issues such as this will not take on more importance than they truly warrant.

People are desperate to believe that "we are not alone". Well, we're not! God is here with us. All we have to do is reach out and clasp His outstretched hand.

Voice in the Wilderness, Aug-Sept 1996, vol 4/4
published by Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George, Brisbane QLD