by Archbishop Gibran (Ramlaoui) of Australia and New Zealand


which he wrote on the eve of his repose.

May his memory be eternal.


I sleep, a silent sleep, but not in stillness.

For stillness is death, while silence is the movement of the spirit,

In it there is union of man with God.


My closed eyelids are heavy, but my heart is not asleep.

It takes with it my invisible body, with all its senses,

and visits far away places

beyond time, passing through walls.


My heart has no need for a key,

it is not afraid: for neither does the unknown sway it,

nor does tranquility shun it.


The night in my heart is overcome by light.

You are in my heart, ever since I have known You and given myself to You.

You have given Yourself to me. I will not forsake You.

My dreams are my discourse with Your Spirit.


You tell me what I do not find in books

and what I do not grasp in the tumult of my waking hours.


Sleep is rest for my body and the renewal of my energy.

My spirit does not sleep.

Confiding in You revives my spirit and liberates it.

My spirit confides in You in my silent sleep.


Will You accept my confidences?

Will You take me into Your heart?


Translated from the Arabic by a group of parishioners