by Michael Mona


I can visualize millions, not only in North America, but all over the world, deep down are uneasy, uncertain and are afraid of the continued domestic and foreign problems; some of them are explosive and dangerous. I cannot help but think what will happen to civilization if we continue ignoring the dangers with which we are confronted. If we continue refusing to do something about solving these grave and ugly problems, it could result in worldwide tragedy of a sort this cosmos has never experienced since the flood of Noah's day.

Dear God, show us how we can get together in one common bond to find ways to erase the ills that are treating the world with ugly and tragic problems.

As we approach the gateway of another year let us pause and reflect what we are going to do to make the New Year better than the one we are leaving behind, and to erase the ill feeling between nations. At an hour in history when hate and distrust abound everywhere, and too often between people within the same nation, it becomes of paramount importance that we discover ways to correct the wrong we have set in motion, which is breeding barriers among people. Does it make much difference the color of our skin, or our birthplace that we let it efface the very essence of our lives and we let it be the destruction of one another? Consequently, we find it difficult to adjust our lives and standards which keep changing drastically.

Lord, grant us wisdom that we may enter the new year with humble and grateful hearts. We thank Thee for blessing us with a precious gift. You gave us a mind to use wisely, but we are not. Forgive us for exploiting children with pornography, adultery and insincerity. You gave us freedom, but we built concentration camps. We torture people — families are separated — children left homeless. People have lost their identity. Isn't it strange, it seems no matter where we go there seems to be a feeling that people are not believing or trusting one another, and it seems we are losing trace of decency, and have lost hope for the survival of mankind. Once we had integrity and morality — have we lost it? It is very apparent our world is plagued with unhappiness, violence and ever increasing human decadence. Please Lord, save the world from becoming a devastating holocaust. This is the time of year for reflection and renewed resolutions. So with courage, character and sincere determination, let us try to make a resolution to join together in one common bond to try (just try) to do something to give the world a breath of fresh air in an otherwise polluted atmosphere. We should try to erase our prejudice and hate which is causing our destruction. Perhaps some of the ugly problems could be solved if we believe we have the power to effect great changes. We must regain the sense that we are capable of creating hope from despair. It is important that we establish resolutions with meaningful purpose, resolutions with constructive formations and with fearless confidence. Let us march forward with a common cause to light the torch of peace and goodwill, irrespective of race, color or creed. Perhaps there could be some hope if all people try to get along together. Let us try to create a life crowned with contentment, crowned with a sense of purpose and peace of mind.

Let us pray that the light of love and understanding will illuminate everyone and spread peace, joy and contentment. Let the joys of the new year, and beauty and hope permeate us and erase whatever malice still seeks to blight our year. Please Lord, grant us a world free of want, free of wars, free of poverty, and may there be a mutual togetherness among all peoples.

Editor's Note: Mr. Michael Mona will celebrate his 85th birthday this year. He is a respected senior citizen of St. Mary Orthodox Church in Pawtucket, Rhode Island We thank him for his words of wisdom.

From Word Magazine
Publication of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
January 1987
p. 4