Youhanna X of Antioch

His Beatitude Youhanna X

Patriarch of Antioch and
All the East

Philip of America

His Eminence Philip

Metropolitan of New York and
North America

Spyridon of Zahle

His Eminence Spyridon

Metropolitan of Zahle and Baalbek

Constantine of Baghdad

His Eminence Constantine

Metropolitan of Baghdad
and Kuwait

George of Mount Lebanon

His Eminence George

Metropolitan of Byblos and
Batroun (Mount Lebanon)

Elias of Beirut

His Eminence Elias

Metropolitan of Beirut

Elias of Hamah

His Eminence Elias

Metropolitan of Hamah

Elias of Tyre

His Eminence Elias

Metropolitan of Tyre, Sydon
and Marjiyoun

Sergios of Chile

His Eminence Sergios

Metropolitan of Chile

Antonios of Mexico

His Eminence Antonios

Metropolitan of Mexico

Damaskinos Sao Paolo

His Eminence Damaskinos

Metropolitan of Sao Paolo

Saba of Bosra

His Eminence Saba

Metropolitan of Bosra, Hawran and Jabal el-Arab

Gabriel of Western Europe

His Eminence Gabriel

Metropolitan of Western and Central Europe

Metropolitan Paul of Aleppo

His Eminence Paul

Metropolitan of Aleppo

Metropolitan Paul of Sydney

His Eminence Paul

Metropolitan of Sydney
and All Australia

Bishop Joseph of Los Angeles

His Eminence Joseph

Archbishop of Los Angeles
and the West

Metropolitan George of Homs

His Eminence George

Metropolitan of Homs

Bishop Antoun of Miami

His Grace Antoun

Bishop of Miami
and the Southeast

Bishop Basil of Wichita

His Grace Basil

Bishop of Wichita
and Mid-America

Bishop Luke of Sayadnaya

His Grace Luke

Bishop of Saydnaya

His Grace Ghattas

Titular Bishop of Kara,
Patriarchal Vicar

Bishop Thomas of Oakland

His Grace Thomas

Bishop of Oakland (Pennsylvania)
and the East

Bishop Alexander of Ottawa

His Grace Alexander

Bishop of Ottawa, Eastern Canada and Upstate New York

Bishop John

His Grace John

Bishop of Worcester
and New England

Bishop Anthony

His Grace Anthony

Bishop of Toledo
and the Midwest

Bishop Nicholas

His Grace Nicholas

Bishop of Brooklyn

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