Bishop Marc of Temteanul

His Grace Bishop Marc of Temteanul


Born on May 11, 1958, in Paris (secular name Marc ALRIC).

He completed the Faculty of Architecture of Paris (1981) and the Institut d'Urbanisme de Paris - Université de Paris VIII (1980).

He entered into the Monastery Sihastria in Moldova, where he was tonsured a monk on September 6, 1992.

He received, for the deaconate (September 9, 1992) and for the priesthood (August 20, 1994), the laying on of hands by Metropolitan Daniel, and he completed the Faculty of Orthodoxy Theology of Iassy (1995).

In 1996, he returned to France, within the parish of Saint-Germain-et-saint-Cloud de Louveciennes, and since 1997, he spent several years in the Monastery of Saint Silouan in Saint-Mars-de-Locquenay.

In April 2003, he was given the pastoral responsibility for the parish of Saint-Joseph de Bordeaux, while being a member of the Conseil du Doyenné de France.

Recently, he translated from Romanian into French the volume of Archimandrite Ioannchie Balan, Le Père Cléopas, L'Age d'Homme, Paris 2004 - Romanian edition: Arhim. Ioanichie Balan, Viata Parintelui Cleopa, Iassy 1999.

On October 27, 2004, H.E. Metropolitan Joseph nominated him, and on March 3, 2005, the Holy Synod elected hiim as vicar bishop of the Metropolitanate. The ordination (cheirotonia) took place on Bright Sunday, May 7, 2005, in the Church of the Archangels in Paris.

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