Day Saints or Feasts Commemorated  

Holy Wonderworking Cosmas and Damian of Mesopotamia the Unmercenaries and Their Mother Theodota

Venerable David

Venerable Martyrs James and His Disciples James the Deacon and and Dionysios the New of Prodromou Skete on Mt. Athos

Venerable Theodote and David of Euboia

2 Martyrs Akindynos, Pegasios, Aphthonios, Elpidophoros and Anempodistos of Persia  

Martyrs Akepsimas the Bishop, Joseph the Priest and Aeithalas the Deacon of Persia

Dedication of the Church of the Great Martyr George the Trophy-bearer in Lydda

Venerable Hieromartyr George the Younger of Neapolis

Venerable Ioannikios the Great

Emperor John the Merciful

Hieromartyrs Nikandros the Bisohp of Myra and Hermas the Priest

Martyr Porphyrios


Martyrs Galaktion and Episteme of Homs

Apostles Hermas, Lenos, Gaios, Patrobas and Philologos of the Seventy

Jonah, Bishop of Novgorod

Hieromartyr Pamphilos


Venerable Barlaam of Khutyn

Herman, Bishop of Kazan

Venerable Luke of Sicily

Martyr Nikandros

Paul the Confessor, Archbishop of Constantinople

Paul the Fool-for-Christ


33 Martyrs of Meltene

Venerable Cyril of Novoezersk

Venerable Gregory

Venerable Lazarus the Wonderworker of Magnesia

Martyrs Thessalonica in Amphipolis and Alexander of Thessalonica

8 Synaxis of Archangels Michael and Gabriel and All the Other Heavenly Bodiless Powers  

Venerable Euthymios and Neophytos, Founders of the Docheiariou Monastery on Mt. Athos

Venerable Matrona of Constantinople

Nektarios of Pentapolis, the Wonderworker

Martyrs Onesiphoros and Porphyrios of Ephesus

Symeon the Translator ('Metaphrastes')

Theoktista of Lesvos

10 Apostles Olympas, Rodion, Sosipater and Tertios, Erastos and Quartos of the Seventy

Great Martyr Orestes of Cappadocia

Venerable Theosteriktos of Symbola


Martin the Merciful, Bishop of Tours

Blessed Maximos the Fool-for-Chirst

Martyrs Menas of Egypt, Viktor of Damascus, Vincent and Stephanis of Spain

Martyr Stephen of Dechani, King of Serbia, Stephen Urosh and Princess Milica

Venerable Theodore the Studite


John the Merciful, Patriarch of Alexandria

Venerable Neilos the Faster of Sinai

Venerable Neilos the Myrrh-streaming of the Great Lavra on Mt. Athos

Neomartyrs Sabbas and Nichoals of Constantinople

13 Venerable Damaskenos and Damian of the Great Lavra on Mt. Athos John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople

Neomartyr  Constantine of Hydra

Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessalonica

Justinian the Emperor and His Wife Theodora

Apostle Philip


Martyrs Gourias, Samonas and Habib of Edessa

Venerable Paisii Velichkovskii

Thomas the New, Patriarch of Constantinople
16 Martyr Ephygenia Apostle Matthew the Evangelist

Gennadios, Archbishop of Constantinople

Gregory the Wonderworker, Bishop of Neocaesarea

Venerable Nikon, Disciple of Sergii of Radonezh
18 Neomartyr Anastasios of Caesarea in Palestine Martyrs Plato of Ancyra, Romanos and Zachaios the Deacon

Agapios, Azes of Isauria, Barlaam of Caesarea in Cappadocia, Heliodoros of Thessalonica and Euphemia

Venerable Barlaam of the Kiev Caves

Venerable Barlaam and Joasaph, Princes of India, and King Abennar, Father of Venerable Joasaph

Prophet Obadiah


Gregory of Decapolis

Proklos, Maximos and Anatolios, Patriarchs of Constantinople

Venerable Sozomen the Wonderworker
21 Entrance into the Temple of Our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos Venerable Columban of Ireland

Hieromartyr Clement, Bishop of Ochrid and Enlightener of Bulgaria

Venerable Kallistos Xanthopoulos of Mt. Athos
Martyr Michael, Prince of Tver

Apostles Philemon, Apphias, Archippos and Onesimos of the Seventy

Hieromartyr Sisinios


Amphilochios, Bishop of Iconium

Dionysios, Patriarch of Constantinople

Gregory, Bishop of Agrigentum

Ischyrion, Bishop in Egypt and Hermit of Sketis

Mitrofan, First Bishop of Voronezh

Repose of Alexander Nevsky, Prince of Novgorod

Venerable Hieromartyr Sisinios the Confessor of Kyzikos


Clement, Pope of Rome

Hieromartyrs Peter, Archbishop of Alexandria, and Hermogenes, Bishop of Agrigentum

Martyrs Philomenos and Alexander of Corinth
25 Great Martyrs Catherine the All-Wise of Alexandria and Mercurios of Caesarea Martyr Mercurios of Smolensk

Venerable Alypios the Stylite, Nikon the Preacher of Repentance and Stylianos of Paphlagonia

Neomartyr George of Chios

Repose of Innocent, First Bishop of Irkutsk

Great Martyr James the Persian

James, Bishop of Rostov

Venerable Nathanael of Nitira

Venerable Palladios of Thessalonica

28 Martyr Eirenarchos and His Companions of Tiberioupolis Venerable Martyr Stephen the Younger

Venerable Akakios of Sinai

Hieromartyr Dionysios, Bishop of Corinth

Nicholas, Archbishop of Thessalonica

Martyrs Paramon of Bithynia and Philoumenos of Ancyra

Urbanos, Bishop of Macedonia


Alexander, Bishop of Methymna

Apostle Andrew the First-called

Archbishop Frumentios, Archbishop and Enlightener of Ethiopia