The Life of Saint Alexios

The Man of God


Translated by Fr. Peter Chamberas


Series: Orthodox Saints

Paperback (April 2008)

ISBN: 978-1-933275-18-5

Price: $7.95 + S&H (USD)


Perhaps the universal appeal which St. Alexios enjoys among Orthodox Christians can be attributed to his wonderful example of a truly ascetical and self-effacing spirituality. In our time, "modern man" is still pondering over the ancient question "What is man?" without having made up his mind. Neither the one-sided social dimension of man, nor the prevailing conventional religiosity can provide a true and authentic identity for the human person, created in the image and likeness of God. It is for this very reason, that this humble icon of a man is offered to our devout readers: The Life of St. Alexios the Man of God. May those who labored, in the past or in the present, to produce this Life of the Saint, have his blessing. And may those who read this Life of the Saint be truly edified and inspired, as they begin or continue their own personal journey in the spiritual life which will lead them toward becoming authentic men and women of God.