Psalms and Prayers

by Archimandrite Laurence Mancuso


Paperback (2007)

ISBN: n/a

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From the beginning of Christianity, the psalms have been the book of prayer of the Christian church par excellence. Throughout the ages they have nourished the inner life as well as the outward conduct not only of ascetics but of Christians in general and their efficacy is certainly not to be doubted, therefore, even for today. The power of the Holy Spirit, then, is manifestly active in the world when scripture, especially the psalms, are prayed. It is with this in mind that we off er this new edition of the psalms in the format used by the earliest of monastics in the Egyptian desert centuries ago, confident that its use will once again provide not only a scriptural basis for the prayer of those who seek growth in spiritual life and understanding, but an incentive toward a very practical and particular approach to daily piety as well. The thousands of provocative phrases of the psalms have been used to allay temptations, to increase determined devotion, and in general to raise the level of spirituality in all who have prayed them.