Voices from the East

Essays on the State and Work of the Eastern Church in the 19th Century


Edited by Rev. J.M. Neale
With essays by Andrei Nicolaevich Muraviev, Archbishop Innocent of Odessa and Bishop Macarius of Vinnitsa


Paperback (July 2010)

ISBN: 978-1-933275-43-7

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The documents which appear in Voices from the East: Essayss on the State and Work of the Eastern Church in the 19th Century are such as are calculated to give information on the state of the Eastern Church in the 19th century; and they have the advantage of allowing its members to speak for themselves. The first six essays and letters are from the able pen of Andrei Nicolaevich Mouraviev, late Procurator to the Holy Governing Synod. These essays include: Catholic Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism The Great Men of the Russian Church The Mission of the Altai The Dogma of the Immaculate Conception A Letter from Palestine A Letter to a Roman Neophyte These essays are followed by an Acathiston, which is the composition of one of the most pious and laborious of Russian prelates, His Eminence Innocent, Archbishop of Odessa, who was called to his reward on May 12, 1857. Besides its intrinsic beauty, it is curious, as completely fusing the Western system of separate devotion to our Lord's individual wounds into an Eastern mould. Innocent was one of the first preachers of his time. The final essay is The Exposition of the Faith by His Grace Macarius, Bishop of Vinnitsa and Rector of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy.