Protheoria of the Biolakes Typikon

Translated with an Introduction and Annotations by Fr. Konstantinos Terzopoulos


Paperback (September 2011)

ISBN: 978-1-933275-58-1

Price: $13.95 + S&H (USD)


The present translation of the Protheoria of the Typikon provides to the English reader a general overview of the structure of the services as they are to be properly ordered for use in the parishes of the Orthodox Church. The general guidelines set forth in the Protheoria, while at times confusing, still go a long way in revealing the underlying foundations that make up the taxis, or Order of the divine services as they have come to be practiced in the parish environment.

It is hoped that the present translation of this important and historically significant Protheoria will be a helpful and practical contribution to an essential Orthodox liturgical library in the English language.