Select the Letter of the Hierarch's First Name:


Name Born Died
NARKISSOS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
NARKISSOS, Archbishop of Athens    
NATHANAEL, Metropolitan of Kos and Nisyros    
NATHANAIL, Metropolitan of Nevrokop    
NATHANIEL, Archbishop of Athens    
NATHANIEL (Popp), Archbishop of Detroit and the Romanian Episcopate    
NAUM, Bishop of Agathonika    
NEILOS KERAMEOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NEKTARIOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NEKTARIOS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
NEKTARIOS, Metropolitan of Hong Kong    
NEKTARIOS, Metropolitan of Kerkyra and Paxai    
NEKTARIOS, Metropolitan of Leros, Klaymnos and Astipalea    
NEKTARIOS, Metropolitan of Petra and Cheronissos    
NEKTARIOS (Hatimichales), Metropolitan of Ganon and Chora 1932 2009
NEKTARIOS (Kellis), Bishop of Madagascar   2004
NEKTARIOS (Tsilis), Metropolitan of Hong Kong 1969  
NEOFIT (Dimitrov), Metropolitan of Russe 1945  
NEOFIT (Nevodchikov), Archbishop of Kishinev and Moldavia 1822 1910
NEOPHYTOS I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NEOPHYTOS I, Patriarch of Antioch    
NEOPHYTOS I, Archbishop of Athens    
NEOPHYTOS II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NEOPHYTOS II, Archbishop of Athens    
NEOPHYTOS III, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NEOPHYTOS III, Archbishop of Athens    
NEOPHYTOS IV, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NEOPHYTOS IV, Archbishop of Athens    
NEOPHYTOS V, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NEOPHYTOS V, Archbishop of Athens    
NEOPHYTOS VI, Patriarch of Constantinople   1747
NEOPHYTOS VII, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NEOPHYTOS VIII, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NEOPHYTOS, Metropolitan of Morphos 1962  
NEPHON I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NEPHON II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NESTOR, Bishop of Smolen    
NESTOR (Fomin), Bishop of Novgorod and Seversk 1849 1910
NESTOR (Kubaneishvili), Bishop of Batumi    
NESTOR (Popovic), Bishop of Niš    
NESTORIOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NICEPHORUS, Patriarch of Antioch    
NICHOLAS I, Patriarch of Alexandria    
NICHOLAS I, Patriarch of Antioch    
NICHOLAS I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
NICHOLAS I, Archbishop of Athens    
NICHOLAS I MYSTIKOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NICHOLAS II, Patriarch of Alexandria    
NICHOLAS II, Patriarch of Antioch    
NICHOLAS II CHRYSOBERGES, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NICHOLAS III, Patriarch of Alexandria    
NICHOLAS III, Patriarch of Antioch    
NICHOLAS III GRAMMATIKOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NICHOLAS IV, Patriarch of Alexandria    
NICHOLAS IV MUZALON, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NICHOLAS V, Patriarch of Alexandria    
NICHOLAS VI, Patriarch of Alexandria    
NICHOLAS, Metropolitan of Ermoupolis 1944  
NICHOLAS, Metropolitan of Karpenision 1929  
NICHOLAS, Metropolitan of Mesogaia and Laureotike 1954  
NICHOLAS, Archbishop of Preshov    
NICHOLAS (Ozone), Auxiliary Bishop for Brooklyn 1963  
NICHOLAS (Pissare), Metropolitan of Detroit    
NICHOLAS (Protopapas), Metropolitan of Phthiotis    
NICHOLAS (Smisko), Metropolitan of Amissos and Presiding Hierarch of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the U.S.A. 1936 2011
NICIFOR, Bishop of Niš    
NICODIM, Bishop of Srverin and Strehaia    
NICODIM (Munteanu), Patriarch of Romania    
NICOLAE (Condrea), Archbishop of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese of America and Canada 1967  
NICOLAE (Corneanu), Metropolitan of Banat    
NIFON (Mihaita), Archbishop of Targoviste    
NIFONT (Solodukha), Metropolitan of Lutsk and Volyna 1948  
NIKANDROS, Bishop of Dorileou    
NIKANOR, Patriarch of Alexandria    
NIKANOR, Archbishop of Athens    
NIKANOR, Bishop of Australia and New Zealand    
NIKANOR (Bogunovic), Bishop of Banat    
NIKANOR (Rucicic), Bishop of Niš    
NIKEPHOROS I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NIKEPHOROS I, Patriarch of Alexandria    
NIKEPHOROS I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
NIKEPHOROS II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NIKEPHOROS II, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
NIKEPHOROS, Archbishop of Athens    
NIKEPHOROS, Metropolitan of Kydonia and Apokronos   1974
NIKEPHOROS, Metropolitan of Leukas and Ithaki    
NIKEPHOROS (Archagelidis), Metropolitan of Didymoteichon and Orestias    
NIKEPHOROS (Baltatzes), Archbishop of Askalon 1944  
NIKEPHOROS (Kykkotis), Metropolitan of Kykko 1947  
NIKETAS I, Patriarch of Constantinple    
NIKETAS I, Archbishop of Athens    
NIKETAS II, Archbishop of Athens    
NIKETAS II MUNTANES, Patriarch of Constantinople    
NIKETAS III, Archbishop of Athens    
NIKIFOR I, Metropolitan of Kiev    
NIKIFOR II, Metropolitan of Kiev    
NIKITA, Metropolitan of Kiev    
NIKITAS (Hagiostephanites), Bishop of Tamasos    
NIKITAS (Lulias), Metropolitan of Dardanellia 1955  
NIKODEMOS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
NIKODEMOS, Metropolitan of Kassandreia    
NIKODEMOS, Archbishop of Australia    
NIKODEMOS (Anagnostou), Metropolitan of Ierissos, Agion Oros and Ardamerion    
NIKODEMOS (Valindras), Metropolitan of Patrai    
NIKODIM, Archbishop of Niš    
NIKODIM I, Archbishop of Serbia    
NIKODIM II, Patriarch of Serbia    
NIKODIM (Chibisov), Bishop of Anadyrsk and Chukotka 1969  
NIKODIM (Gorenko), Bishop of Vladimir-Volyna and Kovel'sk 1972  
NIKODIM (Milas), Bishop of Dalmatia and Istija 1845 1915
NIKODIM (Rusnak), Metropolitan of Kharkov and Bogodukhov 1921  
NIKOLAI, Metropolitan of Kiev    
NIKOLAI, Metropolitan of Plovdiv    
NIKOLAI (Grokh), Archbishop of Belogorod 1954  
NIKOLAI (Kutepov), Metropolitan of Nizhny Novgorod and Arzamas 1924  
NIKOLAI (Sayama), Archbishop of Ramena 1914 2008
NIKOLAI (Shkrumko), Metropolitan of Izhevsk and Udmurtia 1927  
NIKOLAI (Soraich), Former Bishop of Sitka and Alaska    
NIKOLAOS, Metropolitan of Hermopolis    
NIKOLAJ, Metropolitan of the Czech Lands and Slovakia   2006
NIKOLAJ (Mrda), Metropolitan of Dabar-Bosnia 1928  
NIKOLLA (Hyka), Bishop of Apolonia    
NIKOLOZI (Pachuashvili), Metropolitan of Akhalkalakhi and Khumurdo    
NIKON, Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus'    
NIKON, Patriarch of Serbia    
NIKON, Bishop of Agatopol 1931 2002
NIKON (Bogoyavlenskii), Bishop of Tashkent and Turkestan 1831 1897
NIKON (Liolin), Bishop of New England and the Albanian Diocese 1945  
NIKON (Mironov), Bishop of Ekaterinburg and Verkhotursk 1960  
NIKON (Vasin), Archbishop of Lipetsk and Eletsk 1942  
NIKON (Vasyukov), Archbishop of Ufa and Sterlitamak 1950  
NILUS, Patriarch of Antioch    
NIPHON, Patriarch of Alexandria    
OLYMPIANOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
OLYMPIOS, Archbishop of Athens    
ONESIMOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
ONUFRII (Berezovskii), Metropolitan of Chernovitsa and Bukovina 1944  
ONUFRII (Legkii), Archbishop of Izyumsk 1970  
ORESTES, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
ORESTES (Chornock), Metropolitan of Agathonikeia 1833 1977
OUALIS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
PACHOMIOS I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PACHOMIOS II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PACHOMIUS I, Patriarch of Antioch    
PACHOMIUS II, Patriarch of Antioch    
PAFNUTII, Metropolitan of Krutitsy and Patriarchal Locum Tenens of Moscow and All Rus'    
PAHOMIJE (Gacic), Bishop of Vranje 1952  
PAISIE, Assistant Bishop to the Archdiocese of Timisoara    
PAISII (Samchuk), Archbishop of Orlov and Livensk 1930  
PAISIOS I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PAISIOS I, Patriarch of Alexandria    
PAISIOS I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
PAISIOS II, Patriarch of Constantinople   1756
PAISIOS, Metropolitan of Leros, Kaymnos and Astypalaea    
PAISIOS (Loulourgas), Metropolitan of Tyana    
PAJSIJE, Patriarch of Serbia    
PALLADIOS, Patriarch of Antioch    
PALLADIOS (Antoniou), Metropolitan of Ptolemais 1935  
PANGELOS, Archbishop of Niš    
PANKRATII (Zherdev), Bishop of Troitskii 1955  
PANKRATY, Metropolitan of Stara Zagora 1926 1998
PANTELEIMON, Bishop of Koroneia    
PANTELEIMON, Bishop of Theoupolis    
PANTELEIMON (Bashchuk), Bishop of Umansk and Zvenigorod 1961  
PANTELEIMON (Chrysofakis), Metropolitan of Thessaloniki    
PANTELEIMON (Dolganov), Archbishop of Rostov and Novocherkassk 1941  
PANTELEIMON (Kalafatis), Metropolitan of Xanthi and Peritheorion    
PANTELEIMON (Kalpakidis), Metropolitan of Veroia and Naousa    
PANTELEIMON (Karanikolas), Metropolitan of Corinth    
PANTELEIMON (Kontogiannis), Metropolitan of Belgium 1935  
PANTELEIMON (Kutovoi), Archbishop of Orlov and Livensk 1955  
PANTELEIMON (Lampadarios), Metroolitan of Pelousion 1955  
PANTELEIMON (Lugovoi), Bishop of Ivano-Frankivsk and Kolomiysk 1967  
PANTELEIMON (Mertyres), Metropolitan of Lemnos    
PANTELEIMON (Mpezenitis), Metropolitan of Attica    
PANTELEIMON (Rizos), Metropolitan of Thira, Amorgos and Nisoi    
PANTELEIMON (Romanovskii), Archbishop of Kirovograd and Novomirgorod 1952  
PANTELEIMON (Rodopoulos), Metropolitan of Tyroloë and Serention 1929  
PARTHENIOS I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PARTHENIOS I, Patriarch of Alexandria    
PARTHENIOS I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
PARTHENIOS II, Patriarch of Constantinople   1504
PARTHENIOS II, Patriarch of Alexandria    
PARTHENIOS III, Patriarch of Constantinople   1657
PARTHENIOS III, Patriarch of Alexandria   1996
PARTHENIOS IV, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PAUL I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PAUL I, Patriarch of Alexandria    
PAUL II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PAUL II, Patriarch of Antioch    
PAUL III, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PAUL IV, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PAUL, Metropolitan of Akkar    
PAUL, Bishop of Tracheia   2005
PAUL (Abo-Adil), Archbishop    
PAUL (de Ballester), Bishop of Nazianze 1927 1984
PAUL (Golychev), Archbishop 1914 1979
PAUL (Lyngris), Metropolitan of Memphis 1920  
PAUL (Menebisoglou), Metropolitan of Sweden and All Scandinavia 1935  
PAUL (Saliba), Metropolitan of Sydney and All Australia    
PAUL (Varnavas), Metropolitan of Cape Town 1912 1999
PAUL (Yazigi), Metropolitan of Aleppo 1959  
PAVEL (Lebed), Archbishop of Vyshgorod 1961  
PAVEL (Ponomarev), Archbishop of Ryazan and Kasimov 1952  
PAVLE (Stojcevic), Patriarch of Serbia 1914 2009
PAVLOS, Metropolitan of Glyphada    
PAVLOS, Metropolitan of Kyrenia    
PAVLOS, Metropolitan of Serbias and Kozane    
PAVLOS (Alexandros), Metropolitan of Dramas 1963  
PERTINAX, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PETER, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PETER, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
PETER THE FULLER, Patriarch of Antioch    
PETER III, Patriarch of Antioch    
PETER (Arihara), Bishop of Yokohama   2000
PETER (L'Huiller), Archbishop of New York and New Jersey    
PETER (Luk'yanov), Bishop of Cleveland 1948  
PETER (Tsaava), Archbishop of Chkondidi    
PETR, Metropolitan of Kiev    
PETR (Karpusyuk), Bishop of Drutskii 1959  
PETR (Mustyatse), Bishop of Ungensk and Nisporensk 1967  
PETR (Polyanskii), Metropolitan of Krutitsy    
PETRONIU (Florea), Bishop of Salaj    
PETROS I, Patriarch of Alexandria    
PETROS II, Patriarch of Alexandria    
PETROS III, Patriarch of Alexandria    
PETROS IV, Patriarch of Alexandria    
PETROS V, Patriarch of Alexandria    
PETROS VI, Patriarch of Alexandria    
PETROS, Bishop of Christoupolis    
PETROS, Bishop of Zambia    
PETROS (Giakoumelis), Metropolitan of Axum 1932  
PETROS VII (Papapetrou), Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria 1949 2004
PETRU, Metropolitan of Basarabia    
PHANTINUS, Archbishop of Athens    
PHILADELPHOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PHILEMON I, Patriarch of Antioch    
PHILEMON, Former Metropolitan of Dar-es-Salaam    
PHILIP, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
PHILIP, Patriarch of Serbia    
PHILIP, Archbishop of Athens    
PHILIP, Bishop of Atlanta    
PHILIP (Kapetanidis), Metropolitan of Tyana 1941 1997
PHILIP (Saliba), Metropolitan of New York and North America    
PHILOTHEOS, Patriarch of Alexandria    
PHILOTHEOS, Metropolitan of Hierapytna and Sitia    
PHILOTHEOS (Bryennios), Metropolitan of Nicomedia    
PHILOTHEOS, Metropolitan of Prikonnisos    
PHILOTHEOS (Karamitsos), Bishop of Meloa    
PHILOTHEOS (Kokkinos), Patriarch of Constantinople    
PHOTIOS, Patriarch of Alexandria    
PHOTIOS I THE GREAT, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PHOTIOS II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PHOTIOS, Metropolitan of Heraclia    
PHOTIOS, Metropolitan of Imbros and Tenedos    
PHRABITAS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PIMEN, Archbishop of Suceava and Radauti    
PIMEN (Izvekov), Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus'   1990
PISTOS, Archbishop of Athens    
PITIRIM, Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus'    
PITIRIM (Nechaev), Metropolitan of Volokolamsk and Yuriev 1926 2003
PITIRIM (Starinskii), Metropolitan of Nikolaevsk and Voznesensk 1944  
PITIRIM (Volochkov), Bishop of Syktyvkar and Vorkutinsk 1961  
PLATON (Jovanovic), Bishop of Banja Luka 1874 1941
PLATON (Levshin), Metropolitan of Moscow    
PLATON (Malinovskii), Archbishop of Moscow    
PLATON (Udovenko), Metropolitan of Argentina and South America 1940  
PLUTARCH, Patriarch of Constantinople    
POLITIANOS, Patriarch of Alexandria    
POLYCARP I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
POLYCARP I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
POLYCARP II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
POLYCARP, Metropolitan of Spain and Portugal    
POLYEUKTOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
POLYEUKTOS (Finfinis), Metropolitan of Aneon 1912 1988
PORFIRIJE, Bishop of Jegar    
PORPHYRIOS, Former Bishop of Bukomba    
POUPLIOS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
PRAULIOS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
PRIMOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PROBUS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PROJEKT, Archbishop of Niš    
PROKL (Khazov), Archbishop of Simbirsk and Melekess 1943  
PROKLOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PROKOPIOS I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
PROKOPIOS I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
PROKOPIOS I, Archbishop of Athens    
PROKOPIOS II, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
PROKOPIOS II, Archbishop of Athens    
PROKOPIOS, Former Metropolitan of Kephallinia    
PROKOPIOS (Georgantopoulos), Metropolitan of Nea Krini and Kalamaria    
PROKOPIOS (Tsakoumakas), Metropolitan of Philippoi, Neapolis and Thasos    
PROTERIOS, Patriarch of Alexandria    
PROTERIOS (Pavlopoulos), Metropolitan of Ptolemais 1955  
PUBLIOS, Archbishop of Athens    
PYRRHOS I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
QUADRATOS, Archbishop of Athens    
RAPHAEL I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
RAPHAEL II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
RAPHAEL (Hawaweeny), Bishop of Brooklyn   1915
ROMAN (Gavrilov), Bishop of Serpukhov 1957  
ROMAN (Zolotov), Bishop of Keramon   1995
ROMANOZ (Petriashvili), Metropolitan of Batumi    
ROSTISLAV (Devyatov), Archbishop of Tomsk and Asinov 1963  
RUFINOS I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
RUVIM, Bishpo of Niš    
SABA (Gigiberia), Archbishop of Khoni and Samtredia    
SABA (Isber), Metropolitan of Bosra, Hawran and Jabal el-Arab    
SABBAS I, Archbishop of Athens    
SABBAS II, Archbishop of Athens    
SALLOUSTIOS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
SAMUEL, Patriarch of Alexandria    
SAMUEL, Archbishop of Athens    
SAMUEL I CHATZERES, Patriarch of Constantinople    
SAMUIL, Bishop of Kolomena    
SAVA I, Archbishop of Serbia    
SAVA II, Archbishop of Serbia    
SAVA III, Archbishop of Serbia    
SAVA IV, Patriarch of Serbia    
SAVA V, Patriarch of Serbia    
SAVA (Juric), Bishop of Slavonia 1957  
SAVA (Vukovic), Bishop of Sumadija   2001
SAVAS (Zembillas), Metropolitan of Pittsburgh 1957  
SAVATIJE, Patriarch of Serbia    
SAVVA (Volkov), Bishop of Tiraspol and Dubossarsk 1958  
SAVVAS, Patriarch of Alexandria    
SAVVAS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
SAVVATII (Antonov), Bishop of Ulan-Ude and Buryatia 1968  
SAWA (Hrycuniak), Metropolitan of Warsaw and All Poland 1938  
SEBASTIAN, Patriarch of Antioch    
SEBASTIAN (Pascanu), Bishop of Slatina    
SEDEKION, Patriarch of Constantinople    
SENEKAS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
SERAFIM (Belonozhko), Bishop of Bobruisk and Bykhov 1973  
SERAFIM (Dem'yanov), Bishop of Yagotinsk 1953  
SERAFIM (Glagolevskii), Metropolitan of Moscow    
SERAFIM (Joanta), Metropolitan of Germany and Central Europe    
SERAFIM (Melkonyan), Bishop of the Baltics 1961  
SERAFIM (Samoilovich), Archbishop of Uglich and Deputy of the Patriarchal Locum Tenens of Moscow and All Rus'    
SERAFIM (Tikhonov), Archbishop of Penza and Kuznetsk 1935  
SERAFIM (Zaliznitskii), Bishop of Severodonetsk and Starobel'sk 1953  
SERAPHEIM I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
SERAPHEIM I, Patriarch of Antioch    
SERAPHEIM II, Patriarch of Constantinople   1781/82
SERAPHEIM, Bishop of Apollonias    
SERAPHEIM, Metropolitan of Peiraios    
SERAPHEIM (Kykkotis), Metropolitan of Zimbabwe and Angola 1961  
SERAPHEIM (Papakostas), Metropolitan of Kastoria    
SERAPHEIM (Roris), Metropolitan of Karystia and Skyros 1929  
SERAPHEIM (Stephanou), Metropolitan of Stagoi and Meteora 1932  
SERAPHEIM (Tikas), Archbishop of Athens and All Greece 1913 1998
SERAPHIM (Jojua), Archbishop of Borjomi and Bakuriani    
SERAPHIM (Sigrist), Bishop of Sendai    
SERAPHIM (Storheim), Archbishop of Ottawa and Canada    
SERAPHIM (Tsudzie), Bishop of Sendai 1951  
SERAPION, Metropolitan of Tula and Belev    
SERGI (Shekurishvili), Metropolitan of Nekresi    
SERGII (Chashin), Bishop of Solnechnogorsk 1974  
SERGII (Fomin), Metropolitan of Voronezh and Borisogleb 1949  
SERGII (Gensitskii), Archbishop of Ternopol and Kremenetsy 1951  
SERGII (Konovalov), Archbishop of France and Western Europe 1941 2003
SERGII (Poletkin), Archbishop of Samara and Syzransk 1951  
SERGII (Lyapidevskii), Metropolitan of Moscow    
SERGII (Sokolov), Bishop of Novosibirsk and Berdsk 1951  
SERGII (Stragorodskii), Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus' 1867 1944
SERGIOS I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
SERGIOS I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
SERGIOS II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
SERGIOS II, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
SERGIOS, Metropolitan of Grevena    
SERGIOS, Archbishop of Eukarpia   2003
SERGIOS (Abad), Metropolitan of Chile    
SERGIOS (Kykkotis), Metropolitan of Good Hope (Cape Town) 1967  
SEVASTIANOS, Former Metropolitan of Elassona    
SEVERUS, Patriarch of Antioch    
SHIO (Mujiri), Bishop of Senaki and Chkhorotsku    
SHIO (Avalishvili), Metropolitan of Batumi    
SILAS (Koskinas), Metropolitan of Saranta Ecclesies 1919 2000
SILOUAN (Span), Bishop of the Romanian Diocese for Italy 1970  
SILVESTER, Patriarch of Alexandria    
SILVESTROS, Archbishop of Kiriakoupoli    
SIMEON I, Patriarch of Antioch    
SIMEON I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
SIMEON II, Patriarch of Antioch    
SIMEON, Bishop of Olomouts and Brno    
SIMEON (Dimitrov), Metropolitan of Central and Western Europe    
SIMEON (Konstantinov), Metropolitan of Western Europe 1926  
SIMEON (Shostatskii), Archbishop of Vinnitsk and Mogilev-Podole 1962  
SIMEON (Zlokovic), Bishop of Gornjokarlovac 1911 1990
SIMMACHOS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
SIMON, Archbishop of Moscow    
SIMON, Archbishop of Lodz and Poznan 1936  
SIMON II, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
SIMON (Getya), Archbishop of Murmansk and Monchegorsk 1949  
SIMON (Ishunin), Archbishop of Brussels and Belgium 1951  
SIMON (Novikov), Archbishop of Ryazan and Kasimovo 1928  
SISINIOS I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
SISINIOS II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
SISINIOS II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
SOFIAN, Assistant Bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Metropolis of Germany and Central Europe    
SOFONIYA (Sokolskii), Archbishop of Tashkent and Turkestan   1877
SOFRONIE, Bishop of Oradea, Bihor and Salaj    
SOFRONII (Bud'ko), Archbishop of Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk 1930 2008
SOFRONII (Dmitruk), Metropolitan of Cherkassk and Kanevsk 1940  
SOFRONII (Yushchuk), Bishop of Mogilev and Mstislav 1951  
SOLOMON, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
SOPHRONIOS I, Patriarch of Alexandria    
SOPHRONIOS I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
SOPHRONIOS I, Archbishop of Athens    
SOPHRONIOS I SYROPOULOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
SOPHRONIOS II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
SOPHRONIOS II, Patriarch of Alexandria    
SOPHRONIOS II, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
SOPHRONIOS II, Archbishop of Athens    
SOPHRONIOS III, Patriarch of Constantinople    
SOPHRONIOS III, Patriarch of Alexandria    
SOPHRONIOS III, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
SOPHRONIOS IV, Patriarch of Alexandria    
SOPHRONIOS IV, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
SOPHRONIOS V, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
SOTIRIOS (Athanassoulas), Metropolitan of Toronto and All Canada 1936  
SOTIRIOS (Tambas), Metropolitan of Pisidia    
SPIRIDON (Abuladze), Bishop of Skhalta    
SPYRIDON, Patriarch of Antioch    
SPYRIDON, Patriarch of Serbia    
SPYRIDON, Archbishop of Athens    
SPYRIDON, Metropolitan of Rhodes   1988
SPYRIDON (Kalafatakis), Metropolitan of Kephallinia 1926  
SPYRIDON (Papageorgiou), Former Metropolitan of Chaldea 1944  
SPYRIDON (Khoury), Metropolitan of Zahle and Baalbek    
SPYRIDON (Kivenos), Metropolitan of Zichna and Nevrokopion    
SPYRIDON (Trantelis), Metropolitan of Lagkadas    
STACHYS THE APOSTLE, Patriarch of Constantinople    
STEFAN, Bishop of Zica    
STEFAN (Korzun), Archbishop of Pinsk and Luninetsk 1944  
STEFAN (Kovacevic), Bishop of Niš    
STEFAN (Neshcheret), Bishop of Turov 1966  
STEFAN (Timtchenko), Bishop of Patara 1898 1979
STEFAN (Yavorskii), Metropolitan and Patriarchal Locum Tenens of Moscow and All Rus'    
STEPHAN (Kalaijishvili), Bishop of Tsageri and Lentexi    
STEPHANOS, Former Metropolitan of Trikki and Stagoi    
STEPHANOS (Charalambides), Metropolitan of Tallinn and All Estonia    
STEPHANOS (Dinides), Metropolitan of Kallioupolis 1968  
STEPHANOS (Matakoulias), Metropolitan of Triphylia and Olympia    
STEPHEN I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
STEPHEN II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
STEPHEN II, Patriarch of Antioch    
STEPHEN III, Patriarch of Antioch    
STEPHEN IV, Patriarch of Antioch    
STYLIANOS (Harkianakis), Archbishop of Australia    
SYLVESTER, Patriarch of Antioch    
SYLVESTER (Haruns), Archbishop of Montreal and Canada 1914 2000
SYMEON I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
SYMEON, Senior Metropolitan of Nicomedia   2003
SYMEON, Metropolitan of Nea Smyrna    
SYMEON, Metropolitan of the Prince's Islands    
SYNESIOS (Visvinis), Metropolitan of Kassandreia    
TARASIOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
TARASIOS, Metropolitan of Buenos Aires    
THADAIOS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
THADDEUS, Archbishop of Tianeti and Pshav-Khevsureti    
THEOCHARISTOS, Archbishop of Athens    
TEOCTIST, Patriarch of Romania   2007
TEODOSIE (Petrescu), Archbishop of Tomis 1955  
TEOFAN (Savu), Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina    
THADDEUS (Yoramashvili), Archbishop of Tianeti and Pshav-Khevsureti    
THEODEGIOS, Archbishop of Athens    
THEODORE I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
THEODORE I, Patriarch of Alexandria    
THEODORE I, Patriarch of Antioch    
THEODORE I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
THEODORE II EIRENIKOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
THEODORE (Balsamon) IV, Patriarch of Antioch    
THEODORE, Archbishop of Athens    
THEODORE (Chuadze), Metropolitan of Akhaltsikhe and Tao-Klarjeti    
THEODORETOS, Bishop of Elaia    
THEODORITOS, Bishop of Nazianos    
THEODOROS II, Patriarch of Antioch    
THEODOROS II, Patriarch and Pope of Alexandria and All Africa 1954  
THEODOROS, Metropolitan of Rethymnon and Avlopotomos   1996
THEODOROS (Nankyamas), Metropolitan of Kampala and All Uganda    
THEODOSIOS I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
THEODOSIOS I BORRADIOTES, Patriarch of Constantinople    
THEODOSIOS II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
THEODOSIOS II, Patriarch of Alexandria    
THEODOSIOS, Archbishop of Athens    
THEODOSIOS, Bishop of Angos    
THEODOSIOS (Hanna), Archbishop of Sebasteia 1965  
THEODOSIUS I, Patriarch of Antioch    
THEODOSIUS II, Patriarch of Antioch    
THEODOSIUS III, Patriarch of Antioch    
THEODOSIUS IV, Patriarch of Antioch    
THEODOSIUS V, Patriarch of Antioch    
THEODOSIUS, Former Archbishop of Washington and Metropolitan of All America and Canada    
THEODOSIUS (Abourjaily) VI, Patriarch of Antioch    
THEODOTOS I, Patriarch of Antioch    
THEODOTOS I KASSITERAS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
THEODOTOS II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
THEOKLETOS I, Archbishop of Athens    
THEOKLETOS II, Archbishop of Athens    
THEOKLETOS, Bishop of Heliopolis    
THEOKLETOS (Avrantinis), Metropolitan of Aitolia and Akamania    
THEOKLETOS (Koumarianos), Metropolitan of Thessaliotis and Phanariopharsala    
THEOKLETOS (Passales), Metropolitan of Florina, Prespai and Eordaia    
THEOKLETOS (Setakis), Metropolitan of Ioannina    
THEOKLITOS, Metropolitan of Metra and Athyra   2004
THEOLEPTOS I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
THEOLEPTOS II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
THEOLEPTOS, Metropolitan of Iconium    
THEOLOGOS, Metropolitan of Serrai and Nigrite    
THEONAS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
THEOPHANES I, Patriarch of Antioch    
THEOPHANES I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
THEOPHANES I, Archbishop of Athens    
THEOPHANES I KARYKES, Patriarch of Constantinople    
THEOPHANES II, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
THEOPHANES II, Archbishop of Athens    
THEOPHANES (Chasapakes), Archbishop of Gerason 1948  
THEOPHILOS I, Patriarch of Alexandria    
THEOPHILOS I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
THEOPHILOS II, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
THEOPHILOS III, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
THEOPHILOS, Archbishop of Athens    
THEOPHILOS (Kanavos), Metropolitan of Gortys and Megalopolis    
THEOPHYLACT, Patriarch of Antioch    
THEOPHYLAKTOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
THEOPHYLAKTOS, Archbishop of Athens    
THEOPHYLAKTOS (Georgiades), Archbishop of the Jordan 1951  
THEOPHYLAKTOS (Papathanasopoulos), Metropolitan of Australia   1958
THEOPHYLAKTOS (Tzoumerkas), Metropolitan of Tripoli 1945  
THOMAS I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
THOMAS I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
THOMAS II, Patriarch of Constantinople    
THOMAS II, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
THOMAS (Joseph), Bishop of Oakland (PA) and the East    
THOMAS (Savvopoulos), Senior Metroplitan of Chalcedon 1889 1966
TIKHON (Belavin), Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus'    
TIKHON (Emelyanov), Archbishop of Novosibirsk and Berdsk 1948  
TIKHON (Fitzgerald), Bishop of San Francisco and the West    
TIKHON (Lobkovsky), Bishop of Maikop and Adygei 1968  
TIKHON (Mollard), Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan of All America and Canada 1966  
TIKHON (Nedosekin), Bishop of Vidnovsk 1956  
TIKHON (Stepanov), Bishop of Arkhangelsk and Khomogorsk 1963 2010
TIKHON (Zaitsev), Bishop of Podol'e 1967  
TIKHON (Zhilyakov), Bishop of Kremenchug and Lubensk 1968  
TIMOFEI (Shcherbatskii), Archbishop of Moscow    
TIMOTEI, Bishop of Arad, Ienopole and Halmagiu    
TIMOTHEOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
TIMOTHEOS, Metropolitan of Central Africa    
TIMOTHEOS (Evangelinidis), Metropolitan of Rhodes    
TIMOTHEOS (Katsigiannis), Bishop of Miletoupolis 1929 1999
TIMOTHEOS (Margarites), Metropolitan of Bostra 1951  
TIMOTHEOS (Paoutsakis), Archbishop of Crete 1915  
TIMOTHEOS (Trivizas), Metropolitan of Corfu and Paxoi   2002
TIMOTHY I, Patriarch of Constantinople    
TIMOTHY I, Patriarch of Alexandria    
TIMOTHY I, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
TIMOTHY II, Patriarch of Alexandria    
TIMOTHY III, Patriarch of Alexandria    
TIMOTHY IV, Patriarch of Alexandria    
TIMOTHY (Negrepontis), Former Bishop of Detroit    
TITOS, Patriarch of Constantinople    
TITOS, Metropolitan of Khartoum and All Sudan    
TITOS (Papanakos), Metropolitan of Paramythia, Philiata and Geromerion    
TOBIAS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
TRYPHON, Patriarch of Constantinople    
VADIM (Lazebnyi), Archbishop of Irkutsk and Angarsk 1954  
VAKHTANG (Akhvlediani), Archbishop of Margveti    
VALENTIN (Mishchuk), Metropolitan of Orenburg and Buzuluksk 1940  
VARFOLOMEI (Vashchuk), Archbishop of Rovena and Ostroga 1953  
VARLAAM, Archbishop of Moscow    
VARLAAM, Bishop    
VARLAAM, Assistant Bishop to the Patriarch 1960  
VARLAAM (Il'yushchenko), Archbishop of Volyna and Rovena   1990
VARNAVA (Filatov), Bishop of Makeevsk 1953  
VARNAVA (Kedrov), Metropolitan of Cheboksary and Chuvash 1931  
VARNAVAS, Bishop of Salamis 1931  
VARSANUFIE (Prahoveanul), Assistant Bishop of the Archdiocese of Bucharest 1968  
VARSONOFII (Sudakov), Metropolitan of Saransk and Mordova 1955  
VASILE, Assistant Bishop of the Archdiocese of Vad, Feleac and Cluj    
VASILII, Archbishop of Kirovograd and Aleksandriya    
VASILII, Bishop of Amphipolis    
VASILII (Krivoshein), Archbishop of Brussels 1900 1985
VASILII (Zlotolinski), Archbishop of Zaporozhsk and Melitopol 1932  
VASILIJE (Kachavenda), Bishop of Zvornik-Tuzla 1938  
VASILIJE (Kostic), Bishop of Zica 1907 1978
VASILIJE (Popovic), Metropolitan of Banja Luka 1860 1937
VASILIJE (Vadic), Bishop of Srem    
VASILIOS, Metropolitan of Constantia 1948  
VASILIOS, Bishop of Euripos    
VASILIOS (Blatsos), Metropolitan of Caesarea 1923  
VASILIOS (Kinnamos), Bishop of Paphos    
VASILIOS (Kolokas), Metropolitan of Elassona    
VASILIOS (Tsiopanas), Bishop of Arti    
VENEDIKT I, Archbishop of Niš    
VENEDIKT II, Bishop of Niš    
VENIAMIN (Pushkar), Archbishop of Vladivostok and Primore 1938  
VENIAMIN (Zaritskii), Bishop of Penzensk and Kuznetsy 1953  
VICTOR (Abo-Assaly), Archbishop    
VICTORIN (Urasche), Archbishop of America and Canada   2001
VIKENTII (Morar'), Archbishop of Ekaterinburg and Verkhotursk 1953  
VINCENTIU (Ploiesteanul), Assistant Bishop to the Patriarch of Romania    
VIKENTIJE, Patriarch of Serbia    
VIKENTIOS (Malamatenios), Bishop of Apamea    
VIKTOR (Colakovic), Archbishop of Niš    
VIKTOR (Oleinik), Archbishop of Tver and Kashin 1940  
VIKTOR (P'yankov), Bishop of Podol'e 1944  
VIKTOR (Svyatin), Archbishop of Krasnodar 1893 1966
VISARION (Baltat), Bishop of Tulcea    
VISSARION (Stretovich), Metropolitan of Ovruchsk and Korostena 1953  
VLADIMIR (Bogoyavlenskii), Metropolitan of Moscow    
VLADIMIR (Ikim), Metropolitan of Tashkent and Central Asia 1940  
VLADIMIR (Kantaryan), Metropolitan of Kishinev and Moldova 1952  
VLADIMIR (Kotlyarov), Metropolitan of Saint Petersburg and Ladoga 1929  
VLADIMIR (Melnik), Bishop of Shepetov and Slavutsk 1968  
VLADIMIR (Moroz), Archbishop of Pochaev 1959  
VLADIMIR (Nagosky), Metropolitan of San Francisco and the West 1922 1997
VLADIMIR (Sabodan), Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine 1935  
VLADIMIR (Tikhonitskii), Metropolitan 1873 1959
VLASSIOS, Bishop of Claudioupolis   1985
VSEVOLOD, Archbishop of Scopelos   2007
YEGUDIEL (Tabatadze), Bishop of Stephantsminda and Khevi    
YUHANNA (al-Yazigi), Patriarch of Antioch and all the East 1955  
YURII [GEORGE], Metropolitan of Winnipeg and Canada    
YUSTINIAN (Ovchinnikov), Archbishop of Tiraspol and Dubossarsk 1961  
YUVENALII (Karyukov), Bishop of Orlov and Sevsk 1816 1882
YUVENALII (Kilin), Archbishop of Izhevsk and Udmurtia 1875 1958
YUVENALII (Moshkovskii), Bishop of Bryansk 1883  
YUVENALII (Polovtsev), Archbishop of Vilnius and Lithuania 1826 1904
YUVENALII (Poyarkov), Metropolitan of Krutitsy and Kolomena 1935  
YUVENALII (Tarasov), Former Metropolitan of Kursk and Ryla 1929  
ZACHARIAS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
ZACHARY, Archbishop of Athens    
ZAKCHEOS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
ZAMVDAS, Patriarch of Jerusalem    
ZENON (Yarajuli), Bishop of Dmanisi    
ZOILOS, Patriarch of Alexandria    
ZOSIMA, Archbishop of Moscow    
ZOSIMA (Davydov), Bishop of Yakutsk and Lensk 1963 2010
ZOSIMA (Ostapenko), Archbishop of Elistina and Kalmyka 1950  
ZOSIME (Shioshvili), Archbishop of Tsilkani