Ilia of Georgia

His Holiness Ilia

Archbishop of Mtskheta
and Tbilisi, Catholicos-Patriarch
of All Georgia

Ilia of Georgia

His Eminence Kalistrate

Metropolitan of Kutaisi
and Gaenati

Anania of Manglisi

His Eminence Anania

Metropolitan of Manglisi
and Tsalka

George of Tkibuli

His Eminence George

Metropolitan of Tkibuli
and Terjola

Job of Urbnisi

His Eminence Job

Metropolitan of Urbnisi
and Ruisi

Daniel of Sukhumi

His Eminence Daniel

Metropolitan of Sukhumi
and Abkhazeti

David of Amba Alaverdi

His Eminence David

Metropolitan of Amba

Abraham of Western Europe

His Eminence Abraham

Metropolitan of
Western Europe

Sergi of Nekresi

His Eminence Sergi

Metropolitan of Nekresi
and Hereti

Isaiah of Nikozi

His Eminence Isaiah

Metropolitan of Nikozi
and Tskhinvali

Josef of Shemokmedi

His Eminence Josef

Metropolitan of

Seraphim of Borjomi

His Eminence Seraphim

Metropolitan of Borjomi
and Bakuriani

Grigol of Poti

His Eminence Grigol

Metropolitan of Poti
and Khobi

Nikolozi of Akhalkalakhi

His Eminence Nikolozi

Metropolitan of Akhalkalakhi
and Khumurdo

Theodore of Akhaltsikhe

His Eminence Theodore

Metropolitan of Akhaltsikhe
and Tao-Klarjeti

Saba of Khoni

His Eminence Saba

Metropolitan of Khoni
and Samtredia

Dimitri of Batumi

His Eminence Dimitri

Metropolitan of Batumi
and Lazeti

Andrew of Samtavisi

His Eminence Andrew

Metropolitan of Samtavisi
and Gori

Shio of Senaki

His Eminence Shio

Metropolitan of Senaki
and Chkhorotsku

Gerasime of Zugdidi

His Eminence Gerasime

Archbishop of Zugdidi
and Tsaishi

Thaddeus of Tianeti

His Eminence Thaddeus

Archbishop of Tianeti
and Pshav-Khevsureti

Vakhtang of Margveti

His Eminence Vakhtang

Archbishop of Margveti

Zosime of Tsilkani

His Eminence Zosime

Archbishop of Tsilkani
and Dusheti

Elise of Nkortsminda

His Eminence Elise

Archbishop of Nikortsminda

Anton of Vani

His Eminence Anton

Archbishop of Vani
and Bagdati

David of Bodbe

His Eminence David

Archbishop of Bodbe

Peter of Chkondidi

His Eminence Peter

Archbishop of Chkondidi

Stefan of Tsageri

His Grace Stefan

Bishp of Tsageri
and Lentexi

Ilarion of Mestia

His Grace Ilarion

Bishop of Mestia
and Svaneti

Evfime of Gurjaani

His Grace Evfime

Bishop of Gurjaani
and Velistsikhe

Luca of Sagarejo

His Grace Luca

Bishop of Sagarejo
and Ninotsminda

Zenon of Dmanisi

His Grace Zenon

Bishop of Dmanisi

Anania of Manglisi

His Grace Yegudiel

Bishop of Stephantsminda
and Khevi

Spiridon of Skhalta

His Grace Spiridon

Bishop of Skhalta

His Grace Efrem

Bishp of Bolnisi


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